Initially our products were available only to the local community due to lower scale of production and less exposure to the market. Our honest efforts resulted in continuous increase in the number of permanent clients. These clients were referring more and more people that ultimately increased the capacity of our system. We were able to serve our clients in more effective way. From last two years we were receiving continuous demands from our clients to start online shopping system. We recently have launched online shopping interface. You only need to access our official website.

This website contains lots of information related to the safety of your smartphone. These information will make you able to take benefits from your smart phone and other gadgets for an increased duration of time. If you found any confusion or you are unable to decide the right match of charging cable for your device then you do not need to hesitate. You can contact at our customer support. We are famous for providing a super star support to our valuable clients. We have a large panel of skilled customer support representatives who are expert in providing instant solutions to the problems and queries of the clients. These support members have perfect communication skills. If you do not have a good set of communication skills then it becomes difficult for you to convey your message in a good way. When you got your confusion cleared and you are ready to place order, you have to create account at our website.

When you will click on create account link present at the top bar of main page, it will show a simple form to give necessary information about your profile. When you have successfully submitted this form you will be sent a confirmation link at your email account. You have to confirm this link after that you will be able to place your order at our website. We are also offering a very safe and convenient mechanism of money transfer. When you are sending money for the items you have purchased don’t forget to avail exciting discounts. The customers who place purchase more then 1 accessories also get exciting discounts.

Once you have successfully submitted this form and have made payment also you will be provided the required accessory or the charging cable in minimum possible time. If you want to track status of your order you can visit our website any time you want. Simply you have to contact us at online support, provide them the order number, they will update you about status of your order. All of our accessories come with 3 years warranty time period. If you face any difficulty in the use of these accessories, you can take technical assistance from our experts and if the problem persists you will be provided with a new accessory. .